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Smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the world today; there are about 5 million people who are added to the death toll due to causes associated with tobacco use. The sad part about this is that more and more people are getting addicted to it and without a clue as to how to control or stop doing it. The accumulated years of tobacco use can lead to some serious health issues that could be quelled had that person started to quit smoking as early as possible. The contents of each cigarette or tobacco product for that matter has a host of deadly ingredients that will wreak havoc to anyone’s health with continued use. The following are some of them:

1. Nicotine – this is known as the main culprit in the addiction towards tobacco smoking. This alkaloid is a poisonous substance even used in pesticide production. In clinical tests it has been shown to be so potent that even just a single drop of its concentrated form can kill a person. When you get addicted to smoking several physical changes can occur such as yellowing of the teeth and fingers.

2. Carbon monoxide is also present in tobacco smoking. This pernicious substance will bind with our red blood cells and strain the oxygen carrying capacity of our blood making normal blood circulation too hard a task for the body.

3. Benzene is another substance which is found in tobacco products. In the industrial setting it is used as a solvent for fuel as well as other chemical manufacturing processes. Some medical studies have shown it to be contributory to the ailment known as leukemia.

4. Tar is also another toxin that finds its way to the lungs of tobacco consumers. It accumulates in the lungs and will greatly impede respiratory functions and open the consumer to a variety of illnesses like bronchitis and asthma.

5. Arsenic and Hydrogen Cyanide are other substances used in the making of tobacco products. These are dangerous substance that are used in rat poison and in the gas chamber. It is amazing that people still continue to patronize smoking even if these substances are introduce into their bodies with their very own approval.

There is a real need to quit smoking; it is a detrimental practice among the citizen and leaves a lot of them at the tail end of health wellness. Do you know that within one month of stopping the puff some benefits you get are immediately noticed? Your blood circulation will improve drastically which means even your blood pressure will normalize. The risk associated with the respiratory organs will be lowered and breathing will soon be back to its optimal performance. You will no longer have those bouts of shortness of breath. Even your skin color or tone will improve; no more nasty yellow colored stains that is so prevalent in tobacco users generally.

In the long term, when you start quitting say before you reach the age of 30, a list of cancers will be far from your reach and you may enjoy the benefits of living life to its fullest. Your risk for lung cancer will be slashed to half of a hundred percent upon quitting. This is true as well to bladder cancer and ulcers. It is a profound thing to see a person quit smoking and gradually turn into a fully operational and well oiled machine prior to smoking addiction. There is no better time to quit smoking than this very day. Now is your chance so grab it while you can.

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