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The results of a new study encourage smokers who would like to quit to use mind power. Quitting is definitely not a very easy thing to do, especially if you have been smoking almost half of your life and suddenly decided that you just have to stop damaging your body with the dump rolled into one cigarette.

Health experts have already posed many pieces of advice to help smokers quit. There are certain foods to eat, certain beverages to avoid. It is also suggested that smokers who would like to quit do so in a gradual way to make it much easier on themselves. These are all effective pieces of advice that should be heeded, but if you are looking for an easier and more effective way out, put your mind to it. This means that you should set quitting as the present number one priority in your life. You should place the most importance on it above everything else. This helps because putting it first allows you to concentrate on it the most.

Visualize your end goal. See yourself as a non-smoker and focus on the positive results that it will bring into your life. You will be able to save more money from not buying packs everyday or every other day. You will be able to breathe better. Most importantly, you will be a much healthier person than before. It is the magnificent power of your mind at work here. Everyday, before you get up to work or before you go to bed, take a few minutes to use mind power and allow your visualizations to reach your subconscious mind. It will translate your desire of quitting to the universe and manifest this desire in your physical life soon.

Making your plans of quitting physical, such as writing it down on paper, also strengthens your subconscious desire for it. Make a schedule, for example, and plot out the specific dates when you will be smoking one less cigarette per day.

Commit yourself to this schedule with a positive mental attitude. Turn off your mind to negative thoughts that you cannot do this. Every time you hear your thoughts discouraging you, just stop thinking midstream and start turning the negative thoughts into positive ones. Use physical cues such as a little bit of pain, even, if you cannot turn off your negative thoughts. You will eventually be able to train yourself to believe that you will quit smoking, and soon.

Lastly, manage your stress. It is an undisputed fact that our daily goings-on in this fast-paced world cause so much stress and health disorders that stem from it. Stress is also one of reasons why people turn to smoking, as the chemicals in the cigarette have temporary anti-depressant and long-term health-hazardous ones. An easy and cheap way to manage stress is to meditate and use mind power to shoo away the trivial worries that regularly hassle you. Each time you find yourself getting up from that office desk full of paper work and grab some smoke outside, close your eyes instead and breathe deeply. Count backwards from 100 to zero or imagine a beautiful spot of nature where you would forever want to be. Managing your stress helps you control your urges and pass up on another stick, making quitting much easier than you thought it would be.

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