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Hypnosis has a higher success rate for stopping smoking then nicotine replacement therapy, cold turkey, gradual reduction, behavior therapy, drugs and acupuncture. Hypnosis has even reported success rates as high as 80% in some studies. Hypnosis is effective because it works with the subconscious mind to break the mental smoking habit. Stopping smoking with hypnosis will also help with stress reduction, weight gain and just a general overall feeling of well being. A word of caution, when using hypnosis or any other method to stop smoking. You still have to want to quit and put an effort into quitting smoking.

Many people have a problem with the cost of getting hypnotized to stop smoking. Let us take a closer look at this. Lets assume you can download a stop smoking recording from the internet for $ 100.00. If you pay $ 3.00 per pack of cigarettes (probably much more), in about one months time you will of paid for the hypnosis program. Of course you can adjust the numbers depending on how much you smoke and the price you pay. The point is it is incredible cost effective.

Now lets take a look at the negative health benefits of smoking. When I was a smoker, I always denied the fact that cigarette smoking was harming me. Of course I knew cigarette smoking was destroying my health, but just did not want to admit it. Smoking can cause heart and lung disease, cancer, strokes, emphysema, pulmonary disease, vascular disease, hypertension, poor digestion, and a host of other problems. In fact cigarette smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in the world and the United States. The best news of all is that once you stop smoking your wallet and health start to recover that day.

Hypnosis is a learned skilled and you will get better at it as you listen. Most people will quit after the first listen to a good hypnosis program. If you have one or two cigarettes do not beat yourself up. Listen to the recording again and commit to not smoking any cigarettes at all. After you have quit smoking, continue to listen to the recording daily. This will help keep you calm and increase you’re feeling of well being.

Hypnosis makes it easy to quit smoking, but you still have to do some of the work. If you are looking to just give it a try and see what it is all about, do not waste your money, it will not work. If you want to be ready to quit smoking, but just cannot get there. I suggest you get online and lookup health problems with cigarette smoking. Spend a couple hours or better yet, a couple days reading through what cigarette smoking does to your body. I am sure you will be ready to quit smoking after this, it worked for me.

Paul has been a hypnotherapist for 13 years. He has been practicing meditation since 1994. A trained yoga and meditation teacher. His site can be found at Hypnosis Review Quarterly. For information please visit Quit Smoking Hypnosis or Cigarette Smoking

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