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1. Keep your mind busy.
When you are on your journey to quit smoking, keep as busy as possible. The busier your mind is, the less time it will have to want to smoke. The hardest part about quitting is the mental addiction. Create to do lists that will keep you busy throught your whole day. Do all the things that you have been putting off for months. Get ahead in work or school.

2. Keep your hands busy.

Part of the dependency on smoking that has you hooked is the routine of it all. This is especially the case the longer that you have been smoking. Hold something in your hand that is the size of a cigarette when you feel the urge to smoke. This can be a straw, stick pretzels, a pen or other items. Keep the item you choose to use with you always while you are trying to quit.

3. Step your nicotine down gradually

You can step down the amount that you are smoking in small increments. To have the greatest success with this method, you will need to make sure that you document very carfully your usage and then gradualy and slowly remove a ciggarette or two from your daily smoking routine. This method, although still difficult, is a lot easier than quitting cold turkey.

4. Replace smoking with physical exercise.

If you are in the mind set to quit smoking, then you will do well to get some physical exercise. This not only will help you in your goal to get healthier, but it will help cement your quit smoking mindset. Exercise will give you a good bit of distraction from smoking each day.

5. Use a stop smoking aid

There are many quit smoking aids on the market including pills, gums, patches and more. The aid that works for you will differ from a product that worked for someone else, so you may have to expirament a little bit before you find what works best for you and your situation. I personally tend to like natural remedies. A great one is called smoke remedy. It is an all natural spray that works really well.

Remember to keep at it. The more times you try to quit, the greater your chances are of quitting the habit for good. If you have trouble quitting with one method, go on to the next one until it finally pays off for you. You can also try to combine some of the methods, which will let you know which strategies are working and which ones that are not.

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