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People often want to know what happens when they quit smoking. If you have been researching quitting smoking for a while, you will have seen ‘the list’ of benefits to quitting smoking but here is a list of quit smoking benefits as to why you should want to quit. Online Cigarette

Quit smoking benefit #1: You will no longer be a member of the club that kills half its members early. That’s right – half of all smokers die young specifically because they smoke, not because they are in a car crash or suffer some other freak accident or need a kidney transplant. They die because they smoke.

Quit smoking benefit #2: You reduce the risk of dying 16 to 20 years premature because of nicotine addiction and tobacco.

Quit smoking benefit #3: Only 1 in five people diagnosed with lung cancer get to survive for more than 5 years. 90% of all lung cancer patients are or have been smokers when they are diagnosed. The vast majority quit the instant they find out they have cancer.

Quit smoking benefit #4: You start reducing the 8-fold increase in contracting lung cancer that you were risking before, as a smoker.

Quit smoking benefit #5: As a man, you increase your ejaculate volume and you start reversing the negative effects smoking had on your sperm. Sperm formation is less likely to be mutated and/or dead. Your fertility increases.

Quit smoking benefit #6: As a woman, your general fertility increases and you reduce the chances of early onset menopause. Online Cigarette

Quit smoking benefit #7: You start to improve your odds from being 5 times more likely to have a heart attack before the age of 40 to something resembling normality. The reduction in risk takes time but it starts the moment you stop smoking.

Quit smoking benefit #8: You start reducing your chances of suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD includes emphysema (suffocating to death) and bronchitis (coughing to death). Smokers make up 80% of all COPD sufferers.

Quit smoking benefit #9:Your chances of contracting bladder cancer reduce by between at least 50%.

Quit smoking benefit #10: You stop running the risk of the next cigarette you smoke being the one that starts lung cancer or throat cancer or mouth cancer or god only knows what sort of cancer.

On a brighter note, stopping smoking before the age of 30 negates about 90% of all the negative effects of smoking but even if you have smoked for the last 60 years it is still never to late to quit. As I always say, never stop trying to quit smoking! Online Cigarette

After years of trying, I finally Quit Smoking!

Now I live healthier and still smoking … Online Cigarette

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