Nowadays, acupuncture is considered as a good way to quit smoking. The people who seek this way to stop smoking are usually found much motivated and inspired to achieve the goal. Acupuncture has become a commonly used therapy which helps to quit smoking.

Several people have some different reasons to quit smoking. This may include the reasons like the difficulties to breathe, cough problems, some adverse health effects etc. But all the people who decide to get rid of the habit will like to prevent the adverse effects on the health provided by smoking.

But ‘stop smoking now’ may not be an easy task to do. These people may also be aware of the withdrawal symptoms which they will have to face and this may make them diffident to stick on to their decision too.

There are too many methods, products and sites available which may suggest us that they will help to achieve the aim, but not many of them are found successive. Some may be effective, but some of them will have some side effects too. So we should always be aware of some of the natural or easy ways to quit smoking.

The important tip to quit smoking is that the person should be determined and self-motivated. The people who choose the method of acupuncture to quit smoking usually seem to have a strong desire to stop smoking now and do not put it off indefinitely. The acupuncture needles used will be thin like hair. They will be inserted in to the various points in the ear and there they will remain around twenty minutes. The patient can take some relaxation or rest for these twenty or thirty minutes. They will be also prescribed some herbs or some supplements too to control the cravings and reduce the withdrawal symptoms. Some exercise and dietary instructions will be also given to those who do this. If the person also has a genuine desire to quit smoking, acupuncture is always found the best and natural way to quit smoking. He will be able to get rid of the bad habit with the help of a few numbers of visits to the acupuncture clinic.

In between the sessions, several acupuncturists provide some tiny balls which have the size like that of a tip of the ball point pen. They are taped with an invisible tape to the ear. When some cravings or desires for the cigarette occur, the smoker is usually instructed to press gently on these balls and they will stimulate the acupuncture point. The method of acupuncture provided with some education or counseling on the smoking cessation is found to be four times more effective and helpful to quit smoking than when the acupuncture alone is done.

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