Quitting smoking is a must for every expectant mother, for people who are developing shortness of breath or if the annual checkup has revealed that your lungs have started to turn black.

If the time has come for you to finally really want or need to quit smoking for health reasons, you will most likely find a lot of people giving the advice that the only way to really quit smoking is using the cold turkey method.

On the contrary, there are a lot of quit smoking devices you can currently use that will assist you in the process of your attempts to stop smoking. If are serious about finally succeeding and being able to stop smoking once and for all, here are a few tips you might find useful:

In their attempts to stop smoking, you can ask your doctor to prescribe the recommended dosage of nicotine patches which release nicotine into your blood at certain levels throughout the day. This is for the purpose of fulfilling your physical body’s need for nicotine while at the same time setting you free from having to inhale your nicotine.

Another way to quit your smoking is to use nicotine gum instead of cigarettes to chew on when you feel the need to smoke. Gradually weaning your mind from having to inhale smoke and chewing instead will most likely modify your behavior into being able to successfully quit.

One very effective way that most people claim has worked for them is to use an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is also called an electronic cigarette which is a battery powered device that actually has the flavor of cigarettes and a certain amount of nicotine you can ‘smoke.’ An electronic cigarette usually comes in both the disposable and the non-disposable type.

Whether you get an electronic cigarette that is disposable or the kind which is not disposable, you can be assured that these not only work, but look great as well. Usually in a shiny black casing, you will be able to ‘smoke’ your way into good health and still look pretty elegant.

This is because you can decrease the nicotine levels in these types of cigarettes to the point where you are not smoking anything but oxygen. These gadgets fool your body into thinking nothing has changed, since you are still puffing away, when in actuality, you have freed yourself from smoking.



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