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More and more people are choosing to give up cigarettes and improve their lives. The dangerous health effects caused by smoking can’t be denied and new risks are being discovered all the time. Sadly, quitting smoking is very difficult and many people fail in their attempt to quit. To be successful, one must find the best way to quit smoking that works for them and their particular situation.

People are constantly coming up with new techniques and tools that claim to be the best way to quit smoking. Some of these ideas are very good and others are absolute scams. One of these techniques that has become very popular over the last few years is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is preferred by many people because it doesn’t require the use of chemicals like nicotine replacement products and is viewed as a natural method.

In hypnotherapy, the smoker is coaxed into a state of deep relaxation. While in this state, they are taught a series of techniques that they will utilize to control their urge to smoke. These techniques are ingrained in the mind and kick in automatically when one begins to crave a cigarette. The patient also learns to recognize and react to factors that trigger their urge to smoke.

Generally only two or three sessions is required to have the desired effects. The sessions with the therapist are reinforced through practice sessions performed at home. Eventually the techniques become second nature and amazing results can be seen.

For those not wishing to visit a therapist, several hypnotherapy products are available for use in the home. These products consist of CDs or DVDs that talk the person through the hypnosis process, just like a therapist would. For many people, these home programs prove to be just as effective as sessions with a trained therapist, but others might find that a more personal touch is the best way to quit smoking. The sessions can be listened to over and over reinforcing the learned behavior s. Many people listen to these tapes nightly as they fall asleep and find them quite effective.

Many people have found the use of nicotine replacement products along with hypnotherapy to be the best way to quit smoking. Even if the therapy isn’t one hundred percent effective, it will still likely reduce the person’s need for cigarettes, making other techniques more effective.

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Smoking is no doubt very unhealthy and worse, very addictive. So addictive is smoking to the point that quitting is always one of the hardest things for someone to do, and has always been a hot subject amongst the health circles. Many smokers have tried to quit so many times, yet so many of them have failed. Time and time, you hear stories of your friend or family member who smokes and tried to quit, but only lasted for a day and they’re back in the habit. There have been so many solutions in the market like patches and gum’s, but they all don’t always work. What these things do is just replace your habit of smoking with something else that is not even healthy and sustainable. Once you stop using these gums and patches, you will be looking for those cigarettes again.

I found that the best way to quit smoking is to start with your mind and your emotions. Sounds strange, does it? Well, hear me out, as this may just be your saving grace to help you kick that habit.

There is a reason why you are addicted to cigarettes, and it is because your mind is used to having it to fulfill a need. It can be that you use cigarettes to relieve yourself from stress, or that you think it’s cool to smoke, or that you need it to keep you awake. Whatever it is, that reason stems from your mind and your emotions. Because you feel that way about cigarettes, you have associated pleasure into smoking, and thus, it is hard for you to quit. The key is to find a way to associate pain to smoking and eliminate the thought that smoking is pleasurable or makes you feel good in whatever way. If you are to associate smoking to pain, suffering, hardship and torture, you will find that you will not light another stick of cigarette.

It’s been proven by a study conducted by Dr. Rob Mellor, a well-renowned psychotherapist, that 97.2% of those that participated in performing this mind exercise and conditioning to associate pain to smoking have fully kicked the habit. It may not be an overnight success, but guaranteed that by the end of 6 months, if you follow this system, it will work for you. So, start reprogramming your mind and kick that nasty habit. The best way to quit smoking is to reprogram your mind and use psychology to your advantage.

Here’s To Your Health and Long Life,
Kelvin Lim

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