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CONTROL YOUR CRAVINGS – An all natural and easy way to fight your urges to smoke cigarettes and chewing tobacco with the FDA-listed Spray (Made in USA). NO SIDE EFFECTS, NO DRUGS, NO NICOTINE – No chance of transferring your addiction to nicotine replacement therapy (e.g. nicotine gum, patches, lozenges). QUIT SMOKING COLD TURKEY – The healthiest and safest method to stop smoking in the market, guaranteed. Perfect for smokers who have struggled with quitting in the past. A POWERFUL HEADSET – Overcome nicotine withdrawal symptoms and relax from stress with the patented Relaxation Headset; it combines targeted light energy and audio therapy to calm you from the desire to smoke. NO REPEATED MONTHLY PURCHASES – Save money by not making repeated purchases of nicotine products. The package includes the following: . 1. Relaxation headset (The headset uses brainwave entrainment principles to calm the user’s mind and body to help the smoker overcome stress and nicotine withdrawal symptoms). 2. Craving control spray (Made

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Stop Smoking Naturally – How to Quit Smoking Permanently Without Side Effects or Weight Gain (Quitting Smoking, Smoking Addiction, Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Tobacco Book 1)

Stop Smoking Naturally - How to Quit Smoking Permanently Without Side Effects or Weight Gain (Quitting Smoking, Smoking Addiction, Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Tobacco Book 1)

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Discover How to Stop Smoking for Life

Look, I am not going to badger you with how bad smoking is for you. I was a smoker for 17 years and I know that you have heard it before. Everyone is always telling you how quitting smoking is the right thing to do. The reason you are reading this is because you want to quit smoking, and you want to do it in a natural way. What I am going to give you is a solid framew


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How to stop smoking naturally…A holistic solution to help you quit smoking may be more within your grasp than you know! Often times, the metaphysical association with holistic therapy tends to present a more easily dismissed image of what holistic stop smoking techniques are about. Holistic therapy is nothing more than the act of increasing your emotional awareness and using the power of naturally grown herbs to enhance your own body’s ability to heal from nicotine addiction.

A holistic method of quitting smoking cigarettes to prevent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease begins with a decision to stop smoking followed up by 3 vital steps.

Holistic Way to Quit Smoking Step 1: Replace all paraphernalia (ashtrays, lighters, papers, cigarette machines, etc.) with mood-improving aromatherapy. Suitable outlets will vary greatly depending on personal preference. Some may prefer oil burners or incense, while others may prefer more technologically advanced methods of aroma-sizing living space. Pleasant scents that generally promote a positive sense of well-being are: Jasmine, Myrrh, Nag Champa, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

Some recovering smokers choose to invest time in preparing both meals to help quit smoking, and herbal remedies at home to improve smell and increase the level of positive energy. Some natural herbs included in various home-made aromatherapy concoctions are basil, cedar wood, chamomile, frankincense, jasmine, jojoba, lemon, patchouli, rosemary, sage, spearmint, and other natural substances proven to aid in the relief of depression and anxiety quite often associated with giving up smoking.

Whatever method of improving the ‘mood’ of the air around you that’s chosen, it’s an important step in holistic stop smoking recovery because it replaces the smell of cigarettes that could serve as a trigger. Also, aromatherapy scents are known to spawn a natural production of mood improving neural-transmitted chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, and other natural mood enhancers your brain is relearning to create without cigarettes.

Holistic Way to Quit Smoking Step 2: Emotional and habitual smoking behavior modification needs to take place so that working tools are acquired on dealing with life’s curve balls. Not only should the use of daily positive affirmations be implemented, a quest for a deeper understanding of self and emotional triggers that lead to smoking cigarettes needs to expose and vanquish lies spread by the disease of nicotine addiction. This is accomplished through a series of focused smoking behavior modification inventories geared toward analyzing daily reactions to the world around you and ways in which to improve your relationship to mankind.

Holistic Way to Quit Smoking Step 3: An emphasis on physical exercise, focused breathing and quiet meditation will help your body recover from nicotine quickly, prevent stop smoking weight gain, and help you take a holistic approach to focus on the details of your life and recovery from tobacco addiction. Yoga is a great way to not only implement a highly effective exercise and breathing routine, but also to pave the way for more effective meditation sessions.

There are various outlets through which you can acquire more detailed plans of holistic stop smoking recovery methods, self-evaluation and discovery guides and other long-term projects that are highly conditional to individual lives and how each smoker is affected by nicotine addiction. Adding a plan of holistic stop smoking techniques to your efforts to quit smoking forever can only help you achieve your goals and make it possible for you to give up cigarettes for life and prevent COPD. 

You CAN stop smoking cigarettes, and practicing holistic methods of quitting smoking can improve your physical and emotional health as well as make your efforts to stop smoking cigarettes more successful.

You can stop smoking!  Smoking affects at least 40 million Americans, 25 million of whom are destined to die a horrible death if they do not conquer their addiction. You CAN quit smoking now!  I know because I am a successful non-smoker. Nicotine is a real addiction and there is hope of beating it with the right tools and support.  I would love to hear any questions or apprehensions about beating your smoking addiction at

If you need to learn how to quit smoking and free yourself from the bondage of addiction, visit an online support group or Follow me on Twitter! 

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