I have written this article based on my own experience battling the horrible habit that is smoking. Below you will find my top 5 tips that I personally recommend for those looking to quit smoking.

Always quit smoking because you want to quit! You should want to quit smoking as it is seriously bad for you. This might not cross your mind when you get that urge for a smoke, but it should. You will need every last drop of willpower when it comes to giving up smoking for good.

1) Visualise yourself not smoking. Any time you feel like lighting up, imagine how good you would feel if you were to quit smoking. Note down all the negatives of smoking on a piece of paper then move on to listing the positives. Whenever you feel that urge, look at what you have written down to encourage you not to smoke. This helps alot to remind you why you are doing what you are doing. I bet you the positive list far outweighs the negative one!

2) Get some support from you local doctor or chemist. Their are many products out there such as patches and gum that can help you fight the craving. As with anything, you will need a certain degree of will power. Your doctor can diagnose whats the best treatment for you as well as schedule checks to check your progress.

3) Consider joining local groups that help you stop smoking. These groups involve you participating in group discussions with people who are also trying to quit smoking. This is great for those that feel like they are at battle alone, and can greatly boost you confidence and willpower

4) Whenever you feel like smoking have a glass of water. This helps to stop the urge to smoke. Also you could try chewing gum, standard gum is fine but you could also purchase gum that contains chemicals to help prevent that urge.

5) This is what I personally did every time I felt like smoking. I got a bottle and filled it with dog ends, added water, sealed the bottle and shook up. Whenever you feel like smoking take the lid off and inhale from the bottle. You will be stopped in your tracks as the smell is horrendous, and to think…we smell like that as smokers!

The tips listed above are exactly the methods i used to quit smoking for good. I know how hard it can be, it took me over a year! but if you stick at it and take small steps at a time you will finally get to that stage where you won’t care about that smoke ever again. Good luck.

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A lot of smokers find it hard to quit smoking for good. If you’ve been a smoker for a lot of years, then it’s normal to have doubts about your ability to quit. But you certainly can do it if you really try. Here are 4 tips you can use to help you quit the smoking habit for good:

#1 Make the decision that you’re going to stop smoking for good.

The first step you need to take if you’re serious about quitting smoking is to really decide for yourself that you’re going to stop smoking for good. To be successful, you have to be 100% committed to quitting. A half-hearted approach will not be sufficient to get you to quit smoking.

#2 Adopt healthy daily habits.

After you quit smoking, you need to replace old habits that are connected to your identity as a smoker with good healthy habits. The best habit you can adopt is the daily exercise habit. Go to the gym regularly, or go running or walking in the mornings.

#3 Don’t smoke a cigarette after you have decided to quit.

One big mistake that a lot of people who try to stop smoking make is to smoke a cigarette after they have decided to quit. Their rationalization is that it’s only one harmless cigarette and that they’re going to go back to quitting after that one cigarette. But one cigarette will lead to another, and soon, they go back to the smoking habit that they’ve been trying really hard to kick out before.

#4 Distance yourself from smokers.

Another important step you should take in your quest to stop smoking for good is to stop hanging around smokers. If you have friend who are smokers, stop hanging around with them for a while. This is important because influences from your environment, including the people around you, have a considerable effect on your habits, including your smoking habit.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but it’s certainly achievable. There are lots of people who have been able to quit smoking successfully, and you certainly can do it too if you really want to. Use the above tips to help you in your quest to quit smoking for good.

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Quitting cigarettes it’s not an easy task; that’s why I’d like to give you some easy tips to quit smoking fast. There’re lots of programs, methods, techniques, medicines and supplements to help and face the task, and maybe one of them will make it easier for you to quit smoking cigarettes fast… and for good.

But before we get to those tips to quit smoking fast, you should understand that:

Quitting smoking cigarettes is a doable task and thousands of smokers have done it before, so you can do it too. You just need to find out the right method for you and stick to it until you succeed.
Just needing to stop smoking won’t do it. For instance, if you should quit smoking for healthy reasons but you still want to do it for it makes you feel nice, relaxed and calm, the odds are against you. A smoker has to be willing to quit smoking if he/she wants to succeed.
There’s a two-fold reason why people find so hard to quit smoking. Firstly, the addiction to some chemicals in cigarettes is hard to brake; secondly, the psychological conditioned response (the subconscious mind is programmed to smoke when some emotional factors trigger the need to smoke).
Whether you decide to go cold turkey or gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you daily smoke, be aware that your great challenge will be managing withdrawal symptoms (cravings for nicotine; irritation; depression, etc.), but keep in mind they’re just temporary.

So you must recognize the ‘enemy’ and be aware how to deal with it. You should set an action plan to fight this habit at both fronts; the physical addiction to the cigarette chemicals and the psychological factor.

I’ll give you the three, most common, tips to quit smoking fast by addressing both aspects of this habit:

You can reduce withdrawal symptoms by using some sort of therapeutic nicotine replacement (i.e. gums; patches; inhalers; electronic cigarettes, etc. Don’t forget to consult with your physician before using any of these products). And if you feel that those and other prescription drugs are not for you… maybe you’d prefer a more natural alternative. There’re available in the market several herbs with proven effects reducing withdrawal symptoms.
As for the withdrawal issues, keep in mind that the worst will be gone after a few weeks or so. Knowing this will help to reinforce your determination and willpower. Now, for those individuals with a weak willpower there is a technique that has brought some great results to quit smoking fast. Hypnotism. Therapeutic hypnosis has proven to be a positive psychological approach to quit smoking fast.
Realize that smoking is a habit built on constant repetition and associated with several aspects of your life. These aspects are the triggers that make you want to smoke. Identify them and change your lifestyle to avoid or eliminate those triggers.

These tips to quit smoking fast have helped thousands of individuals around the world to get a better and healthier lifestyle. If you’re really willing to quit smoking… they can also help you to succeed.

Among the most important tips to quit smoking fast, I really recommend you to visit the site below and check this new quit-smoking program. This is different from all you have seen or heard before. You’ll learn that quitting smoking could be easier than you think and without having to spend huge amounts of money on expensive drugs and supplements and still not experiencing those nasty cravings or stress (not even gaining any extra weight!) With a 90% of success record it really worth a visit.

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