Quitting smoking is never easy. You can experience cravings, headaches and anxiety when you stop to smoke due to lack of nicotine in the body. However, with strong desire, motivation, determination and commitment, you will be able to quit smoking successfully. Below are some helpful tips to quit smoking.

Cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. To prepare yourself to quit, try smoking only half of the cigarette. You can also cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke by postponing the lighting of your first cigarette at least one hour. Also, decide how many cigarettes you will smoke within the day. For every one excess of cigarette, give a dollar to your chosen charity.

Make smoking inconvenient. Instead of buying cigarettes by carton, wait until one pack is empty before buying another. Also, stop carrying cigarettes and lighter with you at home or at work. This will make the hard to get and will cause inconvenience on your part.

Make smoking unpleasant. Try smoking under situations that you are most uncomfortable with. If you like smoking with other people, then try doing it alone. focus your thoughts on the cigarette you are smoking and all its negative effects.

Avoid temptations. If you usually smoke after meals, then after eating, get up from the table and brush your teeth or take a walk. This will take your thoughts away from smoking. For the first one to three weeks after quitting, avoid situations that can be associated with the pleasure of smoking such as watching your favorite TV program or sitting on your favorite chair. If you are still working with your capability to restrain yourself from smoking, limit your socializing to healthful activities or situations where smoking is not allowed. Also, if you should be in a certain situation wherein you can be tempted to smoke, such as cocktail or dinner party, try to mingle with the nonsmoker guests there.

When you already made up your mind about quitting smoking, focus on it and reach your goal. The first few months will be rough for you and your body, but with strong will, you can finally say goodbye to smoking.

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When talking about leaving smoking, there are few important things which should not be considered if someone is really serious about his and his family’s health.  One misconception is about using various types of medication in order to quit cigarette. By enlarge medication such as hypnosis can’t help you in your attempt to quit smoking. Although there are number of people claiming that they quit their deadly habit by the use of various medications but in majority of the people it doesn’t help. There are proven studies that only less than 8% people able to quit smoking with the help of medications and for rest of 92%, medication does not make any affect.
There are good numbers of people who desperately want to quit smoking and after every short time they make a fresh attempt which does not last for long time and they go back to their deadly habit. Different people try different ways to overcome their dependency on cigarettes. Several companies are developing and manufacturing various products in order to help people to quit smoking such as electronic cigarettes which are also known as e-cigarettes or electric cigarettes. E-cigs are the latest and most innovative product in the industry.
E cigarettes are designed to look and feel like real cigarettes even e cigs emits artificial smoke. Best thing about top electronic cigarettes is that these do not contain any tobacco. People using electronic cigarettes inhale nicotine vapor which looks like smoke but it does not have any carcinogens which is mainly responsible for causing cancer. The electronic cigarettes consist of nicotine cartridge. Nicotine cartridge, as the name suggests, contain liquid nicotine.  e cigarettes When a user of electronic cigarette starts inhaling, a small battery installed inside the cigarette turn that nicotine liquid into vapor. This vapor does not create any sort of smoke but it gives feeling to the user of nicotine and of the real cigarette. A small LED at the tip of e-cig glows during the process and gives the impression of a real cigarette.
There are many companies marketing top rated electronic cigarette. If you decide to quit your smoking habit with the help of e-cigs, make sure that you are only buying best electronic cigarette on the market because as in any other product, there are groups presenting their fake electronic cigarettes as the best rated electronic cigarette.

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Most smokers admit that they would really like to quit and are trying for quit smoking ways that that can create it easier, minimize irritability and ease alternative withdrawal symptoms. There are such a lot of quit smoking ways that on the market that it will be overwhelming to choose one. Initial you need to form the choice to quit smoking, irrespective of what. Next, you should opt for one quit smoking product and mix it with further quit smoking support tips. The most important half is creating the decision.
There’s nobody quit smoking manner that’s ideal for every smoker, which is why there are various quit smoking product and aids available. Pick a technique that’s right for you. Here are some common quit smoking ways to consider:
1.  cold turkey;
2.  nicotine patch, gum or similar;
3.  hypnosis;
4.  herbal merchandise;
5.  acupuncture; and
6.  behavior modification.
The first 2 quit smoking ways in which higher than, have all-time low success rate and aren’t recommended. There are some herbal and hypnosis quit smoking merchandise that claim a hit rate of ninety% or a lot of, these are your best choice. The foremost successful quit smoking ways that out there includes: employing a hypnosis product, embrace behavior modification and other quit smoking preplanning tips. By combining multiple methods, you drastically increase your chances of success. Behavior modification includes:
1.  identify triggers that cause you to light a cigarette;
2.  realize different methods of handling these triggers;
3.  avoiding people, places and activities that you escort smoking; and
4.  produce new habits and routines, which aren’t associated together with your previous smoking lifestyle;
These changes can create dealing with withdrawal symptoms easier, give confidence that you have got a formal plan to quit smoking and break the mental association between smoking and your daily activities. The foremost successful quit smoking ways also involve preplanning, like the following:
1.  create a listing of all the reasons that you wish to quit smoking;
2.  scan this list twice daily before and once your quit date;
3.  set a quit date at least two weeks away;
4.  tell individuals about your quit smoking set up;
5.  determine the behaviour modification techniques that you will use;
6.  contemplate quitting smoking in your house and car before your quit date. This will break the mental affiliation between these places and smoking. It will additionally help remove the smell of smoke from these areas before your quit date;
7.  notice new ways in which to occupy your mind such as reading, taking a category, crossword puzzles, etc and acquire required tools beforehand;
8.  produce a special reward for yourself to celebrate your success; and
9.  learn all regarding the health risks of smoking and the advantages of quitting.
One in all the quit smoking ways in which several have found to assist is to work the cost of smoking and arrange on a reward for yourself with the money saved from not smoking. If you smoke $ 5 price of cigarettes per day, in one year you’ll save $ 1,825 by not smoking. It is tough to stop smoking. However if you are ready and use the quit smoking ways higher than, you have got a good probability of succeeding. Make up your mind to quit smoking, prepare your arrange and just do it. If you wish support, there are a number of organizations and volunteers who are willing to help someone kick the habit. They’ll share additional quit smoking ways in which and tips to assist you succeed. There is no hurt in asking somebody to help you quit smoking. Build the choice to quit smoking and do no matter it takes. It can be one of the most important accomplishments of your life.

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