Eliminating things and or situations that create a desire to smoke is the first step in quitting smoking cold turkey. Be prepared for everyday medical situations such as this with tips and…
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21 Responses to Home Remedies & Treatments : How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

  • Anel Ciplakovic says:

    interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about advice on how to
    stop smoking tobacco try *Barkola Smoke Free Blueprint* (do a search on
    google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing
    results with it. 

  • ytugtbk says:

    I quit cold turkey five years ago, but think Captain Joe’s advice is
    misguided and ineffective. Read Allen Carr’s book “The Easyway to Quit
    Smoking” or watch any of the 60+ quit smoking videos on YouTube by Joel

  • Gatris66 says:

    yum turkey

  • Mousa2283 says:

    im 16. and i got a really bad fever.. and well i didint feel like eating OR
    smoking… so i was sik for 2 days and never had a smoke didint eat much
    either so i just totally realised that i could quit and so i did =D im so

  • PainHoarder says:

    It’s way easier to quit pot than tobacco. Pot is more expensive (though
    that depends on where you live) and harder to obtain (again, depending on
    where you live). Tobacco can be obtained nearly everywhere. Even homeless
    people with no money at all can go pick butts out of a public ashtray. It’s
    being forced on smokers by simple convenience which makes the addiction
    harder to break. If you can’t obtain something, it’s easier to put it out
    of your mind than when it’s all around every day.

  • jman1597 says:

    i started smoking at 15 im 16 now and this monday will be 3 weeks is it
    ormal to still have probles breathing

  • fatherofamir says:

    @xshado2 you only smoked 3yrs.. Its much more different 4 someone who 5,
    10, or 20yrs

  • pillsareyummy says:

    @krisdunn09 Pot doesn’t control you, anymore than junk food does. The
    addiction is all psychological (albeit powerful). I used to smoke too much
    pot, however, I quite about three months ago. Now, I no longer have the
    need to smoke pot. Also, I’m not saying that Pot is bad, however, when
    you’re addicted to something, the first thing that you must do, is ‘admit
    it’. Anyway, if you quite, the addiction goes away.Just make sure that if
    you use it in the future, you don’t return to your bad habits.

  • jman1597 says:

    im 16

  • bobdigi88 says:

    I’m 30 and preparing to give up red wine and smoking cold turkey. It sucks.
    But the good things in life are the bad things in life.

  • 356porwa says:

    Thank you for taking the time to say that. Your right.

  • RAMS BASS says:

    i bet your still smoking.

  • itstonymannn says:

    i’m on my forth day, im sick asa dog, and i can barely get any sleep. i
    want to smoooookke

  • Rolls91 says:

    This guy has no clue what he is talking about. All I need to say.

  • gemmi33 says:

    try chantax it really did work

  • cameron price says:

    wow 16 huh so you smoked for what 2 weeks

  • Heimir Jósefsson says:

    Cold turkey is the hardest, but it’s the fastest. At least from my
    experience. I had a week and a half of withdrawal, and a month of craving.
    I was off it for 3 years until I fell when in a high-stress situation, but
    I switched the cigars out for snus.

  • humanspider92 says:

    It’s so hard i just cant stop smoking i tried alooooooooooot of
    times.People i need a real solution here, this isn’t working out for me

  • Amr rayyis says:

    @vPoyZon I’m 17 too.. started 14… nothing happened to me actually, I just
    decided that its useless so I threw my packets out and spent the first 3
    days in my room (first 3 days are the hardest).. then BAM! what do you
    know, I don’t smoke anymore… Its really not that hard, you just have to
    care enough to do it… and man up to the urges

  • gemmi33 says:

    @humanspider92 try chantax it will make you nausous but chemo therapy will

  • Fernando sth says:

    hi…plz tell me dnt u hv any medicine to stop smoking…

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