Hey guys! In this vid I’m talking about how I managed to quit smoking, I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the book I mentioned – Patrick Holford ‘How to give up wit…
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  • Ashleybradbury says:

    Good for you 🙂 I’m actually 21, and in all fairness, I have never smoked
    or drunk anything in my life so far. Hell, when I turned 18, I never had a
    drink or had a cigarette because I didn’t like it. My older-idiotic
    brother tried to get me a drink a pint with him, and I refused to drink it,
    not because I didn’t like the stuff, but because I made a commitment that I
    would never drink or smoke because it’s not worth it.

    If people want to drink and smoke, that is completely up to them. I’m
    happy people such as yourself (whoever you are in the video) are quitting
    smoking (even though its been a year and a half since you quit)

  • Mr1987Joe says:

    I was a tobacco user for ten years. I started off with cigarettes but,
    when I joined the Marine Corps, I ended up switching over to dip because it
    was more convenient. I only dipped for a few years, though. I would have
    to say that I spent seven years on cigarettes and roughly three years on

    Regardless, I quit about four months ago by using a vaporizer and slowly
    lowering the percentage of nicotine in the fluid I purchased until there
    was none. Following that, I put it back in its box and handed it off to a
    friend. I have not even thought about smoking or dipping since before I
    quit using the vaporizer, and I feel absolutely incredible.

    I’d suggest the vaporizer method to anyone looking to quit. Great method.

  • jim jackle says:

    Why are people hooked on nicotine, it’s because the brain is low on
    nicotinic acid or niacin, which is vitamin B3. The 2 are almost chemically
    identical and in fact niacin was originally discovered and made from the
    oxidized nicotine in tobacco. There are 2 theories as to why we get hooked,
    one theory is the brain is fooled into thinking nicotine is niacin and
    another theory is that the brain or body converts nicotine into niacin. I
    am presently quitting nicotine gum and the niacin is definitely helping
    with the cravings.

  • mohammed binhayan says:

    gimme like if u watching this video while u r smoking 

  • 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub says:

    I quite smoking by getting pneumonia being bedridden for 11 days, when I
    got out of my death bed no longer had a craving for the filthy habit, July
    1996 haven’t touched one since

  • philip De Wet says:

    if this beautiful girl can quit smoking. why should i keep smoking ….
    thank you

  • baker1509 says:

    What toothpaste do you use lol i really wanna know. 

  • Anthony Aird says:

    Congrats. It’s been over a year off for me. I used a site called why
    quit.com and some mega prayer and it worked! Big money saver too = eat much
    better. Thanks for posting. 

  • dpruitt1002 says:

    Tomorrow is 5 weeks free of nicotine!!! Wow, it really feels good to be
    able to know this is possible!!!

  • shant719 says:

    I quit by working out eating Popsicles brushing my teeth and chocolate here
    and there i feel great it’s been 2 months 

  • Wykendrick Jones says:

    Come home with me sexy girl

  • Jackie Wilson Fan says:

    End of day 6 for me… I have to say I really appreciate your video here.
    You have cheered me up tonight 🙂 Thank you, and I hope your still off the
    smokes today.

  • evlpthd says:

    Smokers: I SWEAR ON MY LIFE that every word in this ebook is true.

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