Withdrawals from smoking can include cravings, fatigue, mood swings and irritability, though there are many treatment methods to deal with all withdrawal sym…

24 Responses to Quit Smoking : How to Stop Smoking Withdrawals

  • Marko Jovic says:

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    and my mate got great results with it and has quit smoking.’;

  • paul deavin says:

    thanks for this info so much better than a lecture of what smoking does
    .keep the good work up.

  • fhfh says:

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  • ThePianist1770 says:

    Does she really have ANY idea what it’s like to quit smoking? She makes it
    sound so sweet and fun! “Grab your notes! Chew on some mints!” Are you
    kidding? When you quit smoking you are PISSED. Fuck mints and peanuts. It’s
    more like go to the corner, sweat, scream, cry, and sit on your hands and
    PRAY you can make it over the next 3 days.

  • Scuby04 says:

    lol withdrawal lasts short amount of time, 2 week to 2 months is not really
    short.. going to quit next Friday, good luck to me lol

  • MegaFlaxman says:

    E-cigs are awesome, the best invention the chinese ever came up with! So
    many different flavors and the same sensation as actually smoking, love em!
    Using these I have been smoke free for just over 3 years. Actually smoked
    for 30, thank god I never got sick from it.

  • hideaki29 says:

    Thank you very helpful.

  • MisanthropicMystery says:

    This scared the hell out of me when I quit 2 weeks ago. The withdrawal
    symptoms don’t last 2 weeks to a few months! The worst is over in 3-4 days!
    I’m on my 2nd week and have never felt better. I still have mild pangs, but
    nothingggg like the first 3-4 days. Guys, if you can just get through the
    first 3 days, you’re good! Promise! It’s scary, hard and it SUCKSSSS, but

  • goggleboxy says:

    Is it me but why is this woman preaching about having a healthier lifestyle
    when she looks like a heart attack on legs?…lose a few stones dear and
    then come back to us unhealthy smokers…and by the way,has she ever smoked?

  • muhammad irwan says:

    I smokes for 20yrs and i just 30… I quit for 2weeks.. My tongue feels
    irritating n i cough alot of phlem.. Can anybody tell me why? I need help
    desprately.. I dont want to start smoking again… 🙁

  • ColdTurkeyQuitting says:

    I agree, some people just don’t get it!

  • Cristopher Barnes says:

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  • tarlacnepali says:

    there is a withdrawal symptoms, nicotine mimics neurotransmitter, which
    excites the nerves in the nervous system, due to the hyper stimulation of
    the receptors, by repeated smoking, when there is lack of nicotine in the
    system, u get withdrawal symptoms, u point is also correct but less seldom
    less effective in chain smokers..with 20 pack year or more….

  • ColdTurkeyQuitting says:

    YAY! Congrats!! I am on day 6 now! 🙂

  • NicknameGun says:

    1 question. why should i not drink coffee after 7pm.

  • Googlie Snipe says:


  • OliverZimbelman says:

    @inuyasha0xpk Why are you mean?

  • james laurent Veloria says:

    Hi there

  • L K says:

    i am a chain smoker and i am a weight loss expert. Do i sound convincing

  • smurfynj2448 says:

    Electronic Cigarettes is the best way!!! No smoking just vaping!!!!

  • MisanthropicMystery says:

    That’s why I quit. I also have panic disorder, but a psychological disorder
    is better than lung cancer AND a psychological disorder, yes? Yes. I know
    you posted this 9 months ago, but I hope you’re doing better now 🙂

  • MrsD7777 says:

    The last time I smoked a cigg, they were $1.25 a pack, & off brands were
    only 89cents! Yes i’m old! LOL!

  • August KJ says:

    It’s rubbish like this that makes it very hard for people who try to quit.
    If you replace cigarettes with something else you give yourself the
    suggestion you gave something up, something good & very important that
    “needs” to be replaced. You still performing a similar ritual as when you
    still used nicotine (cigarettes) You started to feel craving so you smoked,
    wit this replace- eat method: you start to feel craving now you eat. That’s
    allso problem behavior.

  • Diamond0000000000000 says:

    I think your a cutie

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