QUIT Smoking in 90 Seconds !!!

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Pot Heads Talk.com is a Forum for Pot Heads trying to Quit – ATTENTION: If you’re looking for specific “How to” Advice on how to quit smoking weed, watch vid…
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31 Responses to QUIT Smoking in 90 Seconds !!!

  • Broth3r John says:

    come back when you grow up

  • FantasieX1 says:

    im still smoking 😀 i dont rlly want to quit 😀

  • Shai Friedman says:

    Still smoking and now I have a headache, thank you very much.

  • Broth3r John says:

    you may have a hot wife but she`s the idiot for being married to such an
    immature person as yourself . you are now blocked.take care.

  • thejette61 says:

    Hey! I’m dizzy. They may have nothing to do with the spinng and more to do
    with my frame of mind. lol If I don’t smke now how will this effect me? I
    hope it doesn’t cause me to start smoking again! haha

  • budbandit25 says:

    makes me want to blow smoke rings..LOL

  • spellthemagicword says:

    ahahaahhhhha lol,funny

  • potatojuice321 says:

    Do you really think that works? dumbass sended an useless video to youtube

  • daniephillips77 says:

    ROFL if only it was that easy

  • coldasiceadi says:

    stupid clip. completly nonsense

  • buddylikeguitar says:

    cds v

  • david Mansoorzadeh says:

    you have helped me alot, you are giving your time to hep others, that’s
    awesome man. please ignore all the negative people, one day they might

  • Amar Singh says:

    damn dude you’re so right. Im on day 1 and its fuckin tempting as shit
    dude. Im already thinking of ways to relapse tonight after 3 years of
    continuous chronic use. I feel hopeless!

  • rowrowfightthepower9 says:

    You remind me of that kid who pretended to smoke weed and got the shit beat
    out of him in high school and would call his mom all the time.

  • rowrowfightthepower9 says:

    you’re a faggot

  • W33dFestizio says:

    I bet everyone agrees you were way more fun not sober…now your just
    fucking boring sitting there judging people smoking a plant. Your a empty
    shell and your wasting your potential. News flash everyone is not destined
    for greatness some of us are here to clean SHIT. It all goes back to my
    main point i dont care if your sober not sober whatever you are but don’t
    sit there and talk about people who do smoke and drink like your fucking
    better. Your a white wanna be gangster talking about sobriety.

  • greg irving says:

    Heroin does not make you peel your skin off, that would be crystal meth….

  • Zack Robinson says:

    I didn’t call you that. Jesus you would be wonderful in the politics
    business, you turned what exactly what I didn’t say into something to make
    me look like a bad guy. +1 for you sir. That wasn’t a racist analogy, it
    was a stereotype. I wasn’t making fun of you in any way, I was just making
    a point.

  • Aleks Tarkovskaya says:

    Ye, i certainly sense an idiot here: wasting his time on YT trying to help
    people being the best they can VS watching Mortal Kombat Videos…hm. 18
    people thumb you up: Just proves the irrational resistance weed causes in
    so many people. just thinking a few steps further than ,,you’re an idiot”
    would start the process of growing.

  • Ihikera says:

    How much better could you be without weed though?

  • W33dFestizio says:

    Your a fucking faggot tool bitch. Im sorry you and your friends are losers
    when you smoke and drink. Get baked and go get shit done its that simple.
    There are plenty of places that hire without giving you drug tests. If you
    want a better job stop smoking i understand that but getting sober and
    rubbing it in peoples face is fucking RETARDED. It doesn’t make you any
    better than anyone else. Maybe your friend is happy partying and smoking
    maybe he just needed a ride not a lecture on sobriety

  • LashByLash69 says:

    Why wouldn’t you go to disneyland every day?

  • uio yuio says:

    Lol sup everyone, FUCKIN FAGGOT HERES THE DEAL. You have 2 people that
    dislike your video for everyone. If u understand simple math you will
    understand that you are either a) not convincing people to stop or b)
    convincing people to do it. Weed is legal in Washington and will be
    federally and there is nothing you medialized god freaks can do. Bitches
    like us for a reason, and weed is better than any material good or words
    that come out of your mouth. shut the fuck up before i knock you out,

  • Zack Robinson says:

    I smoke weed about once a week. It has enhanced my very being making me
    social, active, and generally nicer to people. I’m not addicted so I can
    see what you’re talking about with the addiction part but it’s not an
    addictive drug alone…

  • Entgineer says:

    Yeah brah, idk wat that stiff is thinkin brah lets get some swishers breh

  • Castlewood Stock says:

    its been two days for me and I would like to thank you my dear hockeyadvice
    you helped me QUIT. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

  • CardiacBubbles says:

    Dont listen to this tool dude haha. You only smoke weed all day everyday if
    you want to! Smoking occasionaly is fine! Heck, if you want to, smoking all
    day everyday is fine. Just make sure you can operate and still get stuff
    done when you’re stoned ;D

  • HockeyAdvice says:

    Yeah, I guess these videos are for those that want to quit bro. But I’ll
    tell you what. If you knew what it was like to be yourself 100% all the
    way- not getting high in anyway. Not from Alcohol, not from weed, not from
    any drugs dude, no cigarettes. Just all you- just being yourself how you
    naturally are. I can Guarantee you! That you will choose to be yourself. If
    you lived like that for say 1 year- you will not decide to go back to
    getting high.

  • Insanetoaster says:

    come at me bro

  • TheFuntimes8 says:

    2 minutes in and I already know this is retarded.

  • Adrian87104 says:


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