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19 Responses to What Happens When You Quit Smoking Weed Part 2 [2/2]

  • PeaceLoveHappiness says:

    Happy to hear the happiness comes back. Last time I quit, which was the
    longest I went was 34 days and it was pretty depressing. I intend on
    quitting again after my birthday, which is in two weeks.

  • Advmoh Luiz says:

    Hello my friend thanks for the uploadd 🙂 i AM going to stop smoking weed
    in 2015 i promised my self , but still when i AM smoking weed i get those
    symptons after the effect is it normal? is it normal to to feel that your
    are going crazy? And how long do you think it takes for me to get back as i
    was? Srry for my por english , god bles you 

  • Vadim Feldman says:

    Hey George, when your’e talking about a helpful PDF book you mean Seb
    Grant’s PDF kit?

  • danny smith says:

    I’m a heavy smoker ! Up to a 8th a day I’ve decided to quit because the
    feelin u get when its not avalible, is just horrible rather then have that
    feelin I’m quitting , smoked heavy for 5 yrs , but I’m really struggling ,
    (3rd day ) havin 4 children don’t help lol , any advise

  • john johnov says:

    This is bullshit. The sleep and eat problem is correct, but you don’t feel
    emotionally sick. Your mind is a lot cleaner and you can concentrate on
    things. You start remembering things again and damn that’s one of the
    greatest things ever. I have been smoking every day for the past year. And
    stoppen in the summer for a month, felt better than ever. I am now back on
    it, but gonna stop somewhat in 2 weeks. Got big exams comming.
    Just don’t panic, everything is reversable after weed. Brain cells start to
    recover after full detoxication, but this could take a while after heavy

  • Ad Potta says:

    Very good video dude!

  • Noe Dominguez says:

    hello, thank you for the video, i am a current smoker. started off in my
    senior yr in HS, i had previously stopped smoking for about 2 months and
    then started again. definitely will be a hard journey,will have to cut off
    many people in the process, but im sure it`ll be worth all the trouble.
    -thanks again friend

  • jqcyclops says:

    This video and fellow knows whats up.
    Im a 20 year smoker AND fitness nut/runner at same time,trust me this guy
    is on point.

  • mar6641 says:

    real great people check out Dr PatrickCarnes

  • Official KiidJayG says:

    boy you is a fucking retarded 

  • kevin cosgrove says:

    Why in the hell would any body care if this is copy righted? this guy is
    just a terrible speaker. Listening to him is like someone chewing on tin

  • karmarules2012 says:

    I still experience many of these withdrawal symptoms and it’s been 8
    months. I’ve quit in the past but not for more than three months. In the
    past I wasn’t quitting because I wanted to. I smoked on and off for about
    two decades., When I decided to stop, back in April I was smoking up to an
    ounce a week. I’ve experienced pretty much all of the symptoms, and very
    little of the positive effects of quitting, I figure I’ve got to wait

  • texaskid99 says:

    Very helpfull George, thanks. I just quit yesterday after 8 years of being
    high 14~16 hrs a day. I don’t want new friends tho. :/

  • shane kavanagh says:

    This video make so much sense to me and now I know what I’m going threw.
    Thanks hopefully I can’t keep this up 

  • Zeek Tdot says:

    I had depersonalisation symptom, I’m still trying to recover slowly

  • milan moheb says:

    thank you.

  • Nino Balteas says:

    I agree well done!

  • 0Danny0777 says:

    I use a vaporizar and smoke every day, very litle, still bad? 

  • Bee Happee says:

    Well done!

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